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Thanks for new trees in park but can we move dump now?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Ceres is a small town where even the slightest changes catch our attention. With that in mind, we’ve observed and want to express our gratitude to whoever was responsible for the decision to plant additional trees at Neel Park and for reopening Lower River Bluff, which had been closed for two-thirds of the year.

The Urban Heat Island Effect is real and the planting of the extra trees will do its minor part in curbing this effect in Ceres. These trees will also undoubtedly be appreciated by the increasing number of families who gather to watch their children practice their favorite sports throughout the week.

The only remaining request is to consider advocating for the relocation of the Waste Management site across the river to a different more remote area. When the wind blows south, the odor from the site can be extremely unpleasant for visitors, and even residents in District 3, like myself, can occasionally smell it from my home in the mornings or afternoons. Taking action on this matter would earn the City Council the admiration of many in District 3, myself included.  

Thank you for the future shade under which I’ll sit to watch my daughter play soccer and I have my fingers crossed for the relocation of the waste management site near our river.

Alvaro Franco,