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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 1, 2008
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• What role School Board?

I was going to call last week but I didn't because I figured there would be a lot of people calling in on this. They broke ground weeks ago for the overpass on Whitmore. What in the world does the School Board have to do with that overpass?

• God called it an abomination

I'm sounding off to the "Support gay marriages" call in the Sept. 10 issue of the Courier. The Bible does state that same-sex relations are wrong. There is Leviticus 20:13: "If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. And also, Leviticus 18:22 reads, "You should not lie with a male as a woman. It is an abomination."

• Bible against gay relationships

"Sound Off!" contained a comment by a supporter of gay marriage. To start they said marriage shouldn't be based on morals. Marriage is based on society's greatest morals. A marriage issue with no morals? Morals is and has been an issue of right and wrong since before this country was founded. Now they want the right to marry. In 1965 homosexuality was taken off the mental illness list. Now it has grown to demand that we change the Constitution. When will they stop demanding? To me homosexuals are people who want to have sex with their own gender. That's all. My thoughts end there. My thoughts never start thinking about them until I read about them or see them on TV.

God commanded his children to marry so that they can prosper. God also meant to marry couples. He was talking about his children old and young. In the Bible God commanded Adam and Eve to go forth and multiply. What if God had made Adam and Steve first and said, "Go forth and multiply"? Where would we be?

Oh, the other remark ... If gays and lesbians shouldn't marry because they can't produce children, then it's easy to assume that infertile couples should not marry. This is a ridiculous attempt at psychological twist dealing with a person's thought.

Another ridiculous statement: Single parents shouldn't be allowed to raise children. A single parent produced a child. A homosexual parent would have to acquire a child.

Think of your children. Would they be happy if they were raised by homosexual parents?

The Bible, he said, has no verse opposing gay marriage. The Bible says homosexuality is an abomination so how do you think God would feel about us bringing someone to Him saying, "We bring George and Steve together in the sight of God to be joined together in holy matrimony" after hearing God say it's an abomination? Do you think God would be pleased?

If you vote, for Prop. 8. Protect marriage, the family and stop the demanding. Give into letting them marry and what else will they demand from us?

• Where is the Dog Bowl?

I just want to do a Sound Off! for the Ceres Cowboys and Ceres Seahawks. What's going on? Why aren't we playing the Dog Bowl? It was a tradition with the Cowboys and Falcons. Let's get that Dog Bowl going for these kids!

• Board surrenders to Hanline

Why does the Ceres School Board allow Dr. Hanline to sit at the dais among them during the board meetings? He is not my elected representative; he is nothing more than a school employee. Perhaps this arrangement is symbolic for the duties and power they have surrendered to Dr. Hanline.

• Obama hangs out with crooks

Well it seems that Obama is up to his old tricks again, hanging around all these very unsavory characters. The people here in this country are losing their homes. Banks are foreclosing on them. And guess who's pocketing the money? Yes, some people who work for Obama's campaign, which happened to be the CEO of Fannie Mae, which was Franklin Raines. He walked off with a whopping $90 million. Jim Johnson, CEO of Freddie Mac and he walked off with millions. Why is Obama always tied in with these people who are so underhanded and so accountable for what they have done? These people work for his campaign. I do believe they're his advisers.

Jim Johnson was an adviser to help pick his vice president. I guess birds of a feather flock together. Is this really the type of man you want to see lead this country?

• Taxes never enough for CUSD

On this Measure U tax, these guys don't know when to stop. I'm voting against Measure U. There will be enough money to satisfy the needs of CUSD. After that they'll want another tax to pay for more schools. Just watch and see.

I make less money than I did last year because of this economy. I have to say no even if the cause is good. Two hundred dollars a year is $200 a year I can't send on my mortgage or insurance.

Don't buy this crock that if you pass Measure U that the gangs will disappear. That's a ridiculous campaign talking point. Hell, they said the half-cent sales tax for police would help solve the crime problem. CUSD will not be able to put a dent in the gang problem. Parents and strong families are what will take care of kids. And to strengthen families, reduce taxes so that one parent can stay home and watch the kids!