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OFFICER HUR IN CRASH: CERES - A Ceres patrol car was broadsided as an officer was checking out reports of signal lights being out Thursday evening at Hatch and Mitchell roads.

At 11:59 p.m. police dispatchers received a call about the traffic signals not working. Officer Chris Melton responded and advised city crews that an outage had occurred. Within seconds a motorist had struck his car. Deputy Chief Mike Borges said motorists are required to treat such darkened signal lights as though it were a four-way stop but a southbound female driver blew through the intersection and hit the westbound patrol car at 50 mph.

Melton sustained minor injuries and was off work as of yesterday. The female driver refused treatment.

'BUTT DIAL' LEADS TO ARREST: CERES - An accidental 911 "butt dial" on a cell phone resulted in the arrest of a woman for driving under the influence.

At 10:59 p.m. on Friday dispatchers received an accidental call that was made from the area of Railroad and Whitmore. The dispatcher heard people talking and asking for a screwdriver and thought she was hearing a car theft in progress. As the officer neared the site the dispatcher heard someone say, "Cop, cop." The officer learned that the car was not being stolen but was disabled and being worked on. As he approached, however, one driver in Mitzie Cook, 43, of Ceres, tried to drive away in another vehicle. Cook appeared to be under the influence of meth, and was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

GUN FOUND OUTSIDE BAR: CERES - Police could only arrest a man for public intoxication Saturday morning but suspect he is the man who was reported to have a gun inside the former La Cueva Bar on Central Avenue.

Police were called at 12:22 a.m. by someone inside the bar who reported a man with a gun. As officers responded they found a very drunk Juan Alvarez, 24, of Modesto, walking away from the bar. He was detained but no witnesses could peg him as the gun owner as only the drunkenness charge was applied. Officers later found a loaded .38 revolver in the bushes.

MAN CHASED, ARREST FOR DUI: CERES - David Partida, 32, of Modesto, was arrested for DUI and resisting arrest after he tried fleeing an officer on foot Saturday morning. The officer pulled over Partrida at 5:17 a.m. on Millcreek Drive for reckless driving but Partida fled the vehicle, running through yards and jumping fences. Partida was eventually caught in the 2200 block of Shadowbrook.

OFFICER NEARLY HIT BY ALLEGED DRUNK: CERES - A Hughson driver who was close to three times the legal alcohol limit was arrested Sunday evening after he nearly hit an oncoming Ceres patrol car on Mitchell Road.

At 8:16 p.m. Officer Joe Wren was patrolling on Mitchell Road when Jose Mares, 29, of Hughson, was southbound in Wren's northbound lane. Wren hit his high beam to get the driver's attention, which caused the driver to jerk back over. Wren made a traffic stop on Mares in the area of Whitmore Avenue and Mitchell Road where the driver was arrested for DUI.

DRUGS FOUND IN BIKE STOP: CERES - Street Crimes Unit officers Carlos Quiroz and Keith Griebel made a Sunday bicycle stop in the 1200 block of Sam Avenue and found rider Eduardo Nava, 31, of Ceres, was in possession of methamphetamine and a crank pipe.

During the 6:30 p.m. stop officers learned Nava was on probation and on bail for committing other crimes. He was arrested on the drug charges as well as violating the terms of his probation and committing a crime while out on bail.

STOLEN DIRT BIKE RECOVERED: CERES - On Sunday, officers Dirk Nieuwenhuis and Brian Albonetti spotted Andrew Schreiber, 28, of Modesto, riding a 1980 Honda dirt bike on the street with no license plates and checked things out. They learned the bike was stolen in October.

Schreiber was arrested for possession of stolen property and auto theft.

LOADED GUN FOUND IN CAR STOP: CERES - Two persons with gang affiliations were arrested during a Sunday traffic stop that involved a loaded handgun.

At 8:10 p.m., officers Dirk Nieuwenhuis and Brian Albonetti were patrolling the area of Ninth Street and Pecos Avenue, when they made a stop on a vehicle. Nieuwenhuis spotted a firearm under the passenger seat which later proved to be a stolen loaded Smith and Wesson 9mm gun.

They arrested Ramon Mendez, 20, for a felony arrest warrant and passenger Francisco Ochoa, 19, of Modesto, for possession of a loaded firearm.

The pair were riding with a documented Surreno gang member.

-GANG MEMBERS ARRESTED WITH GUN: CERES - Two men were arrested during an early Monday morning traffic stop on their car in the area of Richland and Holm avenues.

At midnight Officer Freddie Ortiz stopped a car whose driver appeared to be intoxicated. Officer James Riley backed up. They removed both driver and passenger. A search of the vehicle turned up a loaded AK-47 wrapped in a blanket in the back seat with another 40 caliber handgun.

Driver Josh Jolly, 18, of Modesto, was arrested and charged with DUI and possession of a loaded firearm. His passenger, Timothy McKenzie, 26, of Modesto, was arrested for a parole violation, and being an ex-felon of possession of a firearm. Both are known as gang members, said Deputy Chief of Police Mike Borges.