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Attempted robbery turns bad for suspect

A man who police say grabbed money for the cash register drawer at Dollar General Friday afternoon was tackled by two men who stood by.

Coleman Cherry, 34, of Merced, was held by the men for police at 2:40 p.m. after he stood in line and handed a pack of bubblegum to the clerk and then grabbed $20 bills from the open money drawer. Two customers jumped into action and held the suspect inside the Richland Shopping Center store.

Cherry told police that he arrived in a Honda Civic parked on Seventh Street being driven by Joanna McClure, 41, of Modesto. An officer found McClure, who gave a false name. McClure had a bag containing two hypodermic needles loaded with heroin and a meth pipe containing methamphetamine. She stated that she owned the drugs. Coleman said he was the owner of a small package containing heroin located on the passenger side of the car.

Coleman was arrested and charged with robbery, parole violation and possession of narcotics.

McClure was charged with probation violation, possession of narcotics and giving a false name to an officer.