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Woman with warrants arrested while planning receipt fraud
Caitlyn Nicholson
Caitlyn Nicholson

Two women acting suspiciously in the Home Depot parking lot early on Saturday led a Ceres Police officer to arrest one of them for several theft related warrants for her arrest.

At 5:14 a.m., Officer Krandall Vandagriff noticed a car idling in the southeast corner of the Home Depot parking lot. A woman inside the car was queried about what she was doing and stated that her friend, later identified as Caitlyn Nicholson 26 of Modesto, was looking for her wedding ring near the trees in the parking lot. However, the friend identified herself as someone else and said she was using the trees as cover to relieve herself. The officer ran the ID and saw the face did not match the name Nicholson gave him. She finally gave her real name and admitted she lied because she knew she had warrants for her arrest. Nicholson also confessed that she was hunting for discarded store receipts to use them in receipt fraud.

Nicholson was arrested on charges of false impersonation to make another liable and the warrants.