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DUI suspect passes out behind the wheel on Fowler Road
Ceres Cop Car

Nicodemus Zavala, 20, of Empire, was arrested Saturday morning after he was found asleep at a Ceres intersection, allegedly passed out drunk while he had the brake engaged.

The passed-out driver was reported at 5:19 a.m. in the eastbound lane of Fowler Road at Mitchell Road.

Officer Brian Petersen found Zavala's silver Honda Accord and saw the driver had the emergency brake engaged and the car in park. A female passenger was also passed out in the front passenger seat. The officer rapped on the driver's side window several times before the driver woke up startled. Officer Petersen had Zavala unlock the door and opened the car to the strong smell of alcohol.

Zavala said he drank five IPA beers. After a field sobriety test, Officer Petersen believed Zavala was drunk. A breath sample indicated that he had a .08 percent blood alcohol content.

Zavala was arrested and charged with DUI.

His passenger made arrangements for a sober driver to pick her up and safely take her home.