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Hayward man, 22, leads Ceres Police on high-speed pursuit to Keyes
Juan Aguilarceballos
Juan Aguilarceballos

A 22-year-old Hayward man was arrested Sunday afternoon after he led Ceres Police on a high-speed chase into Keyes.

At 4:24 p.m. Officer Eric Souza observed a white Ford Mustang spinning donuts in the intersection of Avon Street and Sonora Avenue and several people lining the street recording the event on their cellphones. When Officer Souza drove up the driver of the Mustang stopped. Driver Jose Aguilarceballos looked directly at Officer Souza before heavily accelerating and breaking traction with his rear tires. Officer Souza activated his emergency lights and siren in an attempt to stop the suspect who engaged in a chase eastbound on Sonora Avenue to northbound Herndon Road. The Mustang made a westbound turn onto River Road, accelerating to approximately 80 mph. He then turned into the residential area of Avon Strreet back through the original intersection where he was doing donuts.

The pursuit wound its way through residential streets. Other Ceres officers positioned patrol vehicles to block intersections in an effort to warn other traffic and keep the Mustang from colliding with other cars. Several times, Aguilarceballos would swerve toward patrol units, narrowly missing them and/or causing officers to take evasive action. 

The pursuit eventually ended up going southbound on Highway 99 from South Ninth Street at speeds of over 110 mph. Aguilarceballos took the Keyes Road exit and attempted to make a westbound turn onto Keyes Road but lost control and  spinning 180 degrees. Officer Souza blocked the front of the Mustang with his patrol vehicle’s front bumper but the suspect put the Mustang into reverse and spun it 180 degrees to flee westbound in the eastbound lanes of Keyes Road. The Mustang began experiencing mechanical issues with its engine revved up loudly but not accelerating.

The Mustang came to a stop on the shoulder of Keyes Road and Aguilarceballos fled on foot, down the embankment and into a vineyard that lined the south side of the overpass. Other officers, including a K-9 officer gave chase. Officer Souza detained a passenger in the vehicle who wanted no part of the pursuit.

Aguilarceballos was stopped by Officer Coey Henson’s canine partner, Dex who bit his legs. Paramedics treated the suspect at the scene then transported to a local hospital for clearance to be booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center. Aguilarceballos was booked on charges of felony evading a police officer, engaging in a speed contest, hit and run and assault with a deadly weapon