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Panel to choose park name
eastgate park schematic
A schematic drawing of how Eastgate Park will develop east of Eastgate Drive. The north end is at left. The park will be bordered by Fiddleleaf Lane on the east, Kiwi Drive on the south and Eastgate Boulevard on the west.

An ad hoc committee will be formed to explore a new name for the Eastgate Park.

On Monday the new Ceres City Council chose members to sit on the committee and weigh suggestion for the naming of the park which is yet to open for public use east of Eastgate Boulevard.

The city has been using the name Eastgate Park since the parks master plan was developed in 2016 and even farther back. However, in September Councilman Channce Condit asked the council to consider naming it for the late Councilman Guillermo Ochoa. That request prompted the council to go back to its original process of park naming in which other names will be weighed and considered. The former council put the matter off for the new council to decide.

The Sam Ryno, Ceres Lions, Ceres River Bluff Regional and Marie Neel parks were all named using the city process. That process calls for an ad hoc committee to serve with Recreation Manager Matthew Lohr, consisting of the public and two members of the council.

Councilman Bret Silveira volunteered himself since the park is in his District 3.  Channce Condit suggested Mayor Javier Lopez as well as former vice mayor Lisa Mantarro Moore.

Ceres resident Gene Yeakley said he wants all in the city to be able to offer input on possible names. At a past meeting he said he wanted the park to honor veterans.

John Warren, another Ceres resident, asked for two more citizens at large to serve. 

Brandy Meyer joined in the Zoom meeting to volunteer for the committee. Yeakley chimed in that he wanted to serve too.

That prompted Silveira to motion to add Meyer and Yeakley. The committee will consist of Lohr, Mayor Lopez, Moore, Silveira, Meyer and Yeakley.