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Courier recognizes the best in spring sports

The spring sports season was filled with many highlights. Now’s the perfect time to single out top individual and team performances.

Top male athlete—Gary Condit (Ceres High boys golf)

Top female athlete—Aryanna Jimenez (Central Valley girls swimming)

Male newcomer—Josh Pernetti (Ceres High baseball)

Female newcomer—Rebecca DeLeon (Ceres High softball)

Head coach—Dylan Hines and Michaela Richter (Ceres High swimming)

Team—Ceres High boys golf 

Game—Bulldogs edge Hawks 2-1 in extra innings (Ceres High-Central Valley softball) 

Honorable mention—Ceres High’s Jayden Panyanouvong (boys golf), Jake Nevarez (boys golf), Elliott Lewis (boys swimming), Ryan Baranski (boys swimming), Diego Caravalho (boys swimming), Mark Razo (boys swimming), Jullissa Arreola (girls swimming), Kassandra Armas (girls swimming), Allison McAdams (girls swimming), Brock DeWitt (baseball), Christian Pimentel (boys tennis), Christian Murry (boys volleyball), Cristian Garcia (boys volleyball), Ivan Arita (boys volleyball), Gustavo Hernandez (boys volleyball), Daniel Yepez (boys track and field), Aaron Alarcon (boys track and field), Joseph Gutierrez (boys track and field), Jerry Soto (boys track and field), Jorge Tiscareno (boys track and field), Andrew Gibson (boys track and field), Alyssa Stiles (girls track and field), Alina Williams (girls track and field), Shania Evans (girls track and field), Azar Harrison (girls track and field), Makayla Anderson (girls track and field), Destiny Suarez (girls track and field), Vianney Perez (girls softball), Andrea Duran (softball), and Branda Villalpando (softball), and Central Valley’s Leilani Ortiz (Central Valley girls swimming),Thomas Carrillo (boys golf), Alex Solis (baseball), Juan Zaragoza (boys tennis), Angel Arellano (boys volleyball), Erik Martinez (boys volleyball), Chase Bogart (boys track and field), Andres Rojo (boys track and field), Christian Balderas (boys track and field), Enrique Martinez (boys track and field), Sebastian Pena (boys track and field), Chetna Kumar (girls track and field), Emily Curiel (girls track and field), Scarlett Lloyd (softball), Brianna Quiroz (softball) and Nayeli Pelayo (softball).