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Two arrested in auto theft
Aldaco and Salmon
Juan Aldaco and Charity Salmon were both arrested during a car stop, charged with auto theft and possession of stolen property.

Two persons were arrested for auto theft after an alert Ceres Police officer spotted them riding around in a stolen Hyundai Sonata on Wednesday evening, July 31 in the area of Hatch Road and Richland Avenue.

Officer Kevin Sakasegawa was on patrol at 5:50 p.m. when he saw a Hyundai Sonata roll past him with a broken windshield. The driver of the car appeared to be leaning back and trying to avoid eye contact with the officer. When the plate was ran through the state data base Officer Sakasegawa learned that it had been stolen in Sacramento. After other officers arrived as backup, Officer Sakasegawa stopped the car as it turned onto Darrah Avenue from Central Avenue. Driver Juan Aldaco, 21, of Ceres, and passenger Charity Salmon were ordered out of the vehicle and taken into custody. 

Both Aldaco and Salmon were booked for auto theft and possession of stolen property. Aldaco also was booked for a felony probation violation.