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Ceres Fire Dept. staffed by caring professionals

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Last weekend I had the opportunity to watch the Ceres Fire Department up close in action on a medical call for my neighbor.  

I would like to commend Captain Cripe, Engineer Selvera and Firefighter Shane Feuerbach for the professionalism shown to the neighbor and the family. They went above and beyond to make the situation better. My neighbor (in his late 80’s) had passed out in the backyard and hit his head when he fell. He had a head laceration and there was blood on the sidewalk.

After he was treated and stable, the fire crew took the time to hose off the bloody sidewalk and then ask if there was anything else that they could do for the family. They also checked to make sure the wife was doing okay under the circumstances.

As they loaded him into the ambulance, they provided the family instructions on what to do as the hospitals will not let family into the Emergency Room with their loved ones. I learned that morning that this was the first day of the first shift for Captain Cripe as an engine company captain. It was obvious the he is setting a good example for his crew about caring for the people who live in Ceres.

Having been in the business of providing emergency service for over 44 years myself, (retiring in 2017), it was great to see that the Ceres Fire Department is staffed by caring and professional personnel that go above and beyond their duty.

Thank you to all of the CFD members for the jobs you do, and for taking the extra time and effort to care for people when they need it the most.

Bryan G. Nicholes,


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