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Editor’s beef with Condit not about policy differences
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Your comments that you don’t have anything against the Condits and your beef with Councilman Condit is about true policy differences doesn’t ring true with those of us that have been watching for years.

Can you imagine if one of the Republicans on the council offered to scrap free healthcare for our part-time council? Mr. Benziger would have been “over the moon.” Instead, it was Councilman Condit who offered the idea to get rid of this expensive taxpayer-funded healthcare plan for our city councilmembers – an expense that taxpayers have paid every year since 2007 for a part-time City Council.  Your response to the councilman’s suggestion was “he’s running for higher office” and attack him for even bringing the issue up. You accuse him of making the other councilmembers uncomfortable, like our council is entitled to get healthcare from the taxpayers.

As a lifelong Ceres resident, your disdain for the Condits is well documented and well known by those of us in Ceres, and now you have proved your hypocrisy on the issue of health.

Angie Smith,