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The Left is undermining the USA by changing rules
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Enjoyed your recent editorial that covered several topics, including the movement to eliminate the Electoral College and replace it with a national popular vote.

I was surprised that you didn’t mention the movement undertaken by (now) 15 blue states that have passed a National Popular Vote bill. These bills will result in those states casting their Electoral College votes for the candidate who wins the national popular vote, which effectively defeats the Electoral College. So far, I know of no legal challenges to these laws.

What I can foresee is an upcoming presidential election with the United States citizen being the ultimate loser. The outcome of the election will be challenged and re-challenged in the courts. And, whatever candidate emerges from the reeking pile of dung, will face an even more divided nation – if it is even possible to further divide the nation.

If these shenanigans attempting to circumvent the constitution are allowed, what’s to prevent a state from simply passing a bill to leave the union? After all, both the Electoral College and the method to leave the union are defined in the Constitution.  Who pays attention to that?

The left may very well destroy this nation and the principles and morals on which it was founded and thrived for more than 240 years. But they should ask themselves, if we succeed, what will be left?

Stan Rooker

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