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Negotiation is a two-way street, except for CUSD
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Teaching has always been and will always be a labor of love for those of us who have committed ourselves to a profession that rarely (if ever) confines itself to the concept of mere "instruction." Yes, of course we teach and model grade level specific skills, but you better believe that our daily repertoire also includes behavior management, conflict resolution, counseling, academic intervention, and often heightened levels of nurturing and affection to students that sadly, do not otherwise receive it from their own families. So, no we don't do it for the money. There are far easier ways to earn a buck.

As an acting teacher in Ceres Unified School District, I am disappointed in the outrageous disrespect shown to the teachers by the district administration and the current School Board. Everyone constantly repeats how important teachers are to shaping the minds of the future, and yet, in Ceres, district "negotiators" - a term that inherently implies the act of communication and a genuine desire to reach some sort of an agreement - refuse to do just that.

Instead, they play unfair manipulative games that violate, in the least, the spirit of bargaining in good faith, maybe more? We deserve and demand better treatment!

Kathryn Welch,

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