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Reminding drinkers to drive sober never gets old

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Excitement and joy comes with holiday activities like Paint on Wood N Cocktail at Rusty Nail in Ceres on Nov. 2. Even with jolly spirits, danger arises on the roads.  

Look at these CHP records: On the Fourth of July weekend in 2022, 998 were arrested for DUI and 44 killed on California roads.

For 2023, 1,224 were arrested and 68 killed.

For Christmas weekend in California last year: 639 were arrested for DUI while 25 were fatal crashes.

Notice arrests and fatalities went up for Fourth of July? Please, do not make that true for the Christmas weekend.

Sober driving is vital every day. When 16 in 1992, I was hit by a drunken driver. I had broken and dislocated bones, four month coma, traumatic brain injury and much more. My hearing, talking and walking abilities are damaged, I cannot drive, difficult to start relationships, read lips, etc. A complex life and many dreams ended 31 plus years ago. 

Taking Highway 99 to and from a party? Driving buzzed or drunk is foolish. Sober rides are always available: sober friends, ride-hauling services, etc. Reminding drinkers to drive sober will never get old. Live my stressful life for three decades and you will see.

Lori Martin,


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