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Service dogs are not for amusement in stores
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Service dogs are not in the store for children's enjoyment or amusement. Parents need to not send their children to play with, pet or bark at them. As a parent, do not point out the dog and go "woof-woof" or "bow-wow" for your children to join in or run up to the dog.

These dogs are performing a service (working) to their human partner, not adults or their children.

Actually these dogs are more behaved in the public than most children. They do not eat products and put the open boxes back on the shelf or in the aisle. No screaming to get what they want. The dogs do not bark unless trained to do so in line with their training to alert partners, which is no one else's business. Do not interfere.

Service dogs in the basket have a blanket or something between them and the basket so they do not get dirty. Service dogs have to bathe every day and shedding must be light before going into a store.

DeEtta Perdue,

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