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Sign double standards?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I follow with great interest the goings on in the community. Ceres has done some good things lately for its people. For example the Chamber and other groups are cleaning up Highway 99. The Chamber is advertising for all of us to spend more money in town rather than go to Turlock and Modesto. The clean-up of the illegal signs and A-frames was a good thing last year. It cleaned up a lot of the eyesore we all saw on Mitchell Road and Hatch Road in particular.

When the sign clean-up was occurring, I recall that Ceres Police Sgt. Pat Sullivan was part of the officers who went around to business owners on Mitchell Road and asked them to remove their illegal signs. A Courier on-line article states that "in a single day of enforcement, officers contacted 29 business owners along Mitchell Road with all but three complying and removing their signs." Three of the owners told police to "go pound sand" according to Sgt. Sullivan.

It's ironic, now that Mr. Sullivan owns a gun shop on Mitchell Road, that he makes it a common practice to park his business trailer right at the shoulder of Mitchell Road in front of his shop. The trailer is covered with signs and looks like some kind of portable mini-billboard. I can assume that the trailer is parked there, not for lack of parking spaces in the shopping center, because it's an attempt to draw business. I get that the trailer is not a sign per se, but it looks like one and it's just as ugly as the A-frame signs the city wanted to get rid of last year.

If garage sale signs on cars are illegal I'm not sure why the same rules don't apply to CenCal Tactical. I thought the whole sign deal was about a level playing field?

Tomas Ribeiro,