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City embarks on street improvements
The city began work about two weeks ago on two street projects that will likely disrupt life for residents on Fifth Street and Ninth Street.

City Engineer Glenn Gebhardt also the work calls for installing curb, gutter, sidewalk and matching pavement for the two blocks immediately south of Fifth Street, as well as on Ninth Street south of Roeding Road.

The city received Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to pay for the $412,000 contract. Redevelopment Director Brian Briggs is coordinating the work.

Work started the week of April 5-9. Gebhardt said the contractor has until June 18 to complete the work but the contractor may be done by June 1.

Gebhardt said residents may be inconvenienced, especially those on Ninth Street where a drain line is being installed and the telephone company has been slow about moving a utility poles that are in the way.

"People so far have been really good," said Gebhardt.

He said there are no plans to remove the concrete section of Fifth Street, noting that concrete gets stronger with each passing year "so wherever you can you try to leave it in place."