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Letters to the Editor published on Feb. 6, 2013
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How to go about ridding cats on your property

Editor, Ceres Courier,

How can I get neighborhood cats to leave my property?

There are a number of safe, humane cat repellent techniques you can employ in order to prevent cats soiling and lingering on your property see for more details. Again, you might want to consider contacting a local feral cat care non-profit organization as they may be able to assist with TNR, vaccination, colony feeding away from residential areas, and adopting out friendly strays or young feral kittens.

Abandonment refers to leaving or dumping a trapped animal or personal pet at a location without adequate provision for the animal's care and welfare. It is inhumane to take a trapped cat to a distant location to release and is punishable by Ca state law.

California State Law and Regulations s.4004 States it is unlawful to do any of the following...e. Fail to visit and remove all animals from traps at least once a day...the inspection and removal shall be done by the person who set the trap or the owner of the land where the trap is set...Regulation 473 States the hours of trapping of nongame animals as one half hour before sunrise, and one hour after sunset. All trapped cats whether tame or feral should be taken to the nearest animal shelter within a 24-hour period.

Cathy Basheeu

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