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Vaccine passports a danger to anyone who enjoys freedom
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Before we start celebrating that at last we’re getting back to normal life and you can throw your masks in the trash, read the fine print on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s “opening up” announcement. Beginning on Feb. 16, all who’ve been vaccinated may enter indoor businesses without having to wear a face mask.

How’s that likely to work? Let me guess.

First there will be an honor system. Then there will be questions asked: “Are you currently fully vaccinated for COVID including your booster shot?”

And then, bingo: Vaccine passports! Of course this was the plan all along.

By the way, a “vaccine passport” isn’t primarily about vaccines, which should by rights be no one’s business but your own — especially since we now know they don’t work. It is mainly about surveillance of your every move. And just wait till the powers-that-be insist you put all your bank accounts in digitized form on your “Vaccine Passport” where your access to cash can be controlled by your government.

That’s what the Communist Party in China did to their people, who now have to maintain their “Social Credit Score” in order to, well, buy food and medicine.

There’s a word for this: totalitarianism. While it may be de rigueur in China, it is anathema in America. It would mean the end of our rights and freedom. That’s why we must all, vaccinated or not, refuse vaccine passports.

Cherie Zaslawsky 

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