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Sound Off! calls published March 24, 2010
• Closing all schools a solution

There is much talk about how California schools are running low on funds and will have to start laying off teachers and cutting programs such as arts and sports. I have a solution: Close every single district office in the entire state. Move every single school under the control of the county Office of Education for each county. Sell off all the district offices, furniture, buildings, property, etc. Lay off all the administrators, secretaries, etc. at each district office. This would insure that each school used the same textbooks, again saving more money than you can believe by having uniform texts. Pour all of those billions of dollars the state would save back into the schools.

• Let's clean our own gutters, save money

And how much are we paying the street sweeper? He comes down once a week, misses most of the street because there are cars parked and the stuff that he does get he splatters mud on the sidewalk. Let's save a lot of money and get rid of the street sweeper and everyone can clean their own gutters!

• How did we trample on her rights?

I'm responding to a recent letter from a lady who seemed to think that her rights have somehow been trampled on. I don't agree with her. She has the right to express her views; this is the United States and we do have those rights. But I have the right also. If I want to go to a gay movie or whatever I could. But if I don't want to go I should be free not to go either and not have things like that pushed on me, pushing in my face on television and in the schools, to my children. I don't see how we trampled on her by not agreeing with her opinion.

• Jeff had valid points

Since the person objecting to the editorial on societal rudeness made her points, I will do the same.

First of all, Jeff was complaining about cell phones in very public places. There is no excuse for causing me to have to listen to your telephone ring loud enough to wake the dead when I am in a public place. And that is to say nothing about the fact that I don't wish to listen to what should be your private conversations just because you feel the urge to answer when out in public. If there is an emergency and someone needs to reach you, set your phone on vibrate and remove yourself to a more private area to answer when you feel it ringing.

Second, most areas in California prohibit smoking within 20 feet of a door. Simple courtesy should dictate that a smoker should not subject other people to his smoke. Second-hand smoke has been proven to be detrimental to good health.

Third, have you looked at the price of those pajama bottoms? Let's not cite the economy as an excuse for going out in public in your night clothes when they cost more than some jeans. There are clothes made to be worn in the privacy of your own home, and there are clothes made to be worn in public. Learn the difference.

We can't blame Hollywood for all the ills and rudeness of society. But we can blame parents who did not take the time to teach children how to behave and dress in a civilized society.

• Jeff's so conservative she's sickened

Jeff, you are so so conservative Republican it just makes me sick. I think you shouldn't be allowed to do any editorials without having immediately somebody else to do an opposite editorial for your opinion. You probably watch Fox News and you get their little talking points on your fax machine and then you just throw them out there. It almost makes me never want to pick up that stupid newspaper - up off my driveway. I'm certainly not paying for it because your biases are so obvious. I think as a newspaper editor you're not supposed to be biased. You probably have a picture of Sarah Palin calendar girl for every month of this year hanging up in your kitchen. You just really need to back up off of your opinion and just give us the news like a newspaper should.

• Surprised she can read the paper

This is to the person who said Jeff is too whiney of a man. You're an idiot. I'm surprised you're smart enough to read the paper at all.