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Sound Off! calls published Oct. 19, 2011
• Quit whining about immigrants

I just wanted to say I keep reading in here about all the crap about illegal immigrants and I just want to say they are eligible for your American benefits, they are eligible for your American jobs. There's nothing illegal about being an immigrant. Hell, they're even eligible for scholarships. The least they can do is learn the language - but they're not gonna - so what you need to do is quit complaining, learn to speak Spanish or you'll be left behind.

(Editor's note: Illegal immigration is illegal).

• Parent concerned about coach

My daughter is a cheerleader at Ceres High School. While other schools have two or three squads, Ceres High School could only get enough girls for one. The squad started out this year with 12 girls. It currently has nine. The three girls have quit within the last two weeks. More are voicing their desire to quit as well. This coach does not know how to do her job! She constantly demonstrates poor judgement. She took our girls off campus with out parent approval. She had one cheerleader - who had only had her license for three days - drive our girls to Walmart, then the girls were told what we did "doesn't leave this room." When this was brought to the supervisor's attention they said we shouldn't mention this any further that the matter was being handled.

She singles out girls and causes drama and chaos. She is currently punishing the girl left on the squad for the action of those who quit! When will this school see that this coach is ineffective in her current position and bad for the future of cheerleading at Ceres High School?

• Offended by male enhancement ad

I have lived in Ceres for 20 years and we enjoy reading the Courier once a week but today I open it to page A2 and the big ad is "Why is Tom's wife smiling?" This is a male enhancement. Excuse me! Our children read this paper to see their names in it for sports and different activities and this is what we open it up to? This is disgusting and I am appalled that the Courier would even put something in there, let alone on the second page right when you open it.

• Flag will stay up until troops are home

My neighbor came by the other day and gave me hell about leaving my American flag up 24/7 every day. Let me make this clear. There is a reason my flag is up all day every day. When our troops are back home safe and sound ill take it down. They fight for us through the rain snow or even sand storms so my flag will fly high unrolled our men and women are home safe.

• Cop giving violating cyclist a pass is wrong

Today when I was driving my kids to school, a policeman who works at Ceres High School or patrols there was giving everybody tickets because they drop their kids off doing illegal things. But saw a bike go right through the stop sign on Central and Sequoia, didn't even pull him over but as far as I'm concerned that's against the law; that bike should have stop. So it's okay for that bike to go through to make somebody hit them and he look the other day but he's giving everybody else tickets just to get his quota. He should get in trouble. He should get a ticket for not giving that person a ticket.