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Sound Off! calls published on Aug. 26, 2009
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• Don't insult people

Whoever wrote or called in about the "Thugs stealing recyclables" needs a reality check. I hope you never ever end up in a place where going through other people's garbage is a way for you to survive your days. Thank God my husband and I are not in that kind of place either but anything is possible in this world we live in now and anything could happen even to you. If some poor person who is needs to go through our recyclable bin they are welcome to it. They are not hurting us by recycling those items they take and they do not leave a mess on the streets.

Who are you to insult these human beings by calling them names? I am sure they did not request to be in the predicament they are in. I hope some day you are able to look upon them as human beings instead of "thugs, scum and low lifes!"

• Carpet cleaner rip off

I read your article about frauds and people who are ripping innocent people off throughout the neighborhood and the county and I was ripped off by a carpet cleaning service that came out to my house. They said that they were the nation's best and cheapest and that they would do four rooms in my house, they would spot clean, they would deep clean, steam clean, they would set the water up and everything and just made everything it sound wonderful. And when they came out they said, "No, we can't do this. It'll cost you $229 instead of $79. And I said I don't have $229 so we bickered back and forth and I told him to just forget it. And he said, "Well how much do you have?" And I said one hundred dollars. He said, "Okay, I'll clean them for $100."

He did the lousiest job I have ever seen. He left my carpets with all the dirt in them and now my carpets are just soggy wet and dirty. He did not do right at all. He didn't move any furniture. He just didn't care. He was gone in about 15 minutes.

I called him and said, "Hey, where did you go? You get back here and do these carpets right." He came back ... and said "If you give me another $129 I will do them perfect." I threw him out of my house.

People, watch out for people like this. I had to have my carpets cleaned by a professional.

They're located out of Newman.

• Only way to eat by stealing

I'm calling about the idiot who called in the call about "Thugs stealing recyclables." Everybody is not scum or lowlifes. Some people are homeless and make a living from recyclables. That is the only way they have to eat and live.

• Healthcare for all? What a joke

Healthcare for all. What a joke. We were once a country where people got off their lazy butts and walked from sea to shining sea. We had people that invented anything and everything. We had people that worked from before sun up to after the sun went down.

Now we have a country of fat, lazy, gimmy, gimme scum. Yes there have always been poor and yes and Americans are the most generous people on the earth with the amount of money they donate for causes. We don't donate as much time as other countries, but we give.

Today, we have a country where we have generational welfare. Millions of children that don't know who their father is. Rampant ghettos and uncontrolled illegal migration.

I must say at least about 50 percent of the illegals work and the others are just scum-sucking the teet of the American taxpayer.

About universal healthcare, the government does not do anything correctly or efficiently except provide taxpayer money to be reaped by fraudsters and scumbags. Name anything that the government does well! It's hard isn't it? Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Amtrak, Post Office are all broke. All run by the government or heavily subsidized. Now you want them to run everyone's healthcare?

Social welfare programs were meant as a hand up in times of hardship and was meant to be temporary and not a lifestyle. We have tons of people on welfare that have never worked a job or paid a penny in taxes and whole heartily believe in the gimme, gimme concept of life.

Let's not forget that Americans like to sue for everything. Maybe if we fined all the frivolous lawsuits it might bring the cost of healthcare down. There are actually bad doctors out there, but the fat, lazy Americans will sue for scraping their toenail.