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Sound Off! calls published on June 10, 2009
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• Why not finish CVHS?

Why are they talking about new schools when they haven't finished the existing ones? For example the Central Valley High School football field, something that would make the school money.

• Middle ground on name?

I'd like to weigh in on the controversy of naming the new junior high Cesar Chavez. I can understand that we do have a large Hispanic population and we do have a large agricultural community. Why don't we meet in the middle and stay neutral and name the school something like what was suggested, Almond Grove or maybe Harvest Junior High? That way we are honoring the growers and most of the workers and also Ceres as an agricultural community.

• How about Cunningham?

I'm calling in regards to the School Board's habit of naming all the new schools from a small circle of former board members and superintendents. There are many other people from the district who served this community for years and they should be recognized as well. Some served back in the 60's and 70's and have not been forgotten for their work. I've spoken to several persons and each one agreed that the board should reconsider their policy. Possibly some board members weren't around to remember of these people but many of us still do. One of the first names that comes up is Leroy Cunningham who served who served this community day and night for over 33 years, first as a policeman and then as a chief. There are others. Just ask around.

• Give credit where credit's due

This is in response to our new school names. I was reading the article about the new school being named Cesar Chavez and the letter by Barbara Hinton and I completely agree with her 100 percent. We really need to focus on recognizing Ceres residents and their efforts to better our community or educational system.

And the person who called in and commented in today's "Sound Off!" they couldn't have said it better. You know, Hispanics are the majority now and in the near future the state and country will have a huge Hispanic population and again we must send a message to our Hispanic youth that anything is possible. I don't care if you're black or white or Hispanic, we all can be very successful people and every single one of us has heard and learned about Cesar Chavez along with many, many other important people. And I really believe that when we recognize the people in our community, especially in such a small community, we actually strive to better ourselves. We appreciate where we come from, we appreciate where we grew up and hopefully continue to live there and if we want to encourage more involvement from the next generation ... give credit where credit is due and that's the people who live here.

• Thanks for the voice

All I have to say is "thank you" for your column. It's refreshing to finally have someone who thinks the same way as many people do, but unfortunately our voices are not heard.

It irks me a great deal to walk in a store and hear people speaking Spanish more than English these days. My grandparents came from the old country of Portugal. When they came to this country they learned and spoken nothing but English. They had a thought hey, we're in the United States we need to speak English. Too bad no one of the opposite language thinks that way and why don't they? Because we accommodate their language from hospitals, grocery stores, retail stores, schools.

I have been trying to find employment, but majority of them are requesting bilingual people to apply. We, as a nation, are not to suppose to discriminate, but is that not discriminating against me because I don't speak a foreign language? It should not be an requirement - like a bachelor's degree or a certain software you must learn - to qualify for the position.

They are too lazy to even try to change for this country while the real Americans are doing all the changes. All we hear is what America is not doing for these people.

You are right, Jeff, about the parents not going further with their education to help the family. With that they are poor and look for us for help. You know I couldn't get financial aid because I made too much money even though I was putting myself through school.

One more things that irks me. Here they are waving their Mexican flag on their vehicles, homes while our troops are fighting for this country that they live in. Where's the American flag? If you're so damn proud of your country, then why are you here?

Don't get me wrong I am not a racist, I know a lot of people from different cultures that are harding working, terrific people. Their just not looking for a hand-out.

• Wonderful youth in Ceres

I am handicapped woman. My car died in traffic recently and this young man came along to help me push my car out of the way. A group of his friends came up in another car and he asked them to help out and they all helped me.

I just want to let the community of Ceres know that we have a wonderful group of young men in our community and I am very proud of them all.

• Disturbed by CUSD decision

There's so many disturbing thoughts of how or why the Ceres board members could come up with such a decision. There's so many other people for the name of the new junior high. It's very disturbing. Walt Hanline said that Latinos should be grateful that someone rose about what they're doing. It's so dementing. Things come from their parents, not from a school named after someone. It starts at home, not from a school.

Schools in the community are named after people who do great things in that community and who are educated. To me, it's appalling. I feel so sad that you could do such a thing. It should be named after a great person who gave to the community.

I'm only one and I'm sure there's many others who feel the same way. There's many names that could have been chosen, but not after this man. I have nothing against him - he was a great man - but there's plenty of others who are deserving.

• Inconsiderate tow operator

Well, it's another Friday night about 10 p.m. and as usual the idiot neighbor here who is running a tow truck service out of his home is sitting out here in the middle of the street hauling his personal vehicle home here on the truck. Usually it's about 1 a.m. I thought I moved into a residential neighborhood, not an industrial yard. He's inconsiderate and lives on Calcagno.