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Hit and run crash leads to pot discovery

A Modesto driver was arrested Monday after he was chased down after leaving the scene of at 12:51 p.m. crash at Fifth Street and Whitmore Avenue and his car yielded marijuana and a sizable sum of money.

Fire Chief Bryan Nicholes witnessed the accident and watched the driver of a gold Honda Accord back up and take off. Nicholes followed the car to Sixth Street where it pulled over and two occupants left on foot. Nicholes held the two until officers arrived. When the car was searched it contained marijuana and large sum of money.

The Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency is investigating the drug crime but Edgar Alvarez, 21, of Modesto, was charged with driving without a license and hit and run.

The other vehicle, belonging to an elderly woman, was totaled. The accident was determined to be her fault. Police and fire personnel helped the stranded woman make a number of errand and appointments, said Sgt. Joe Wren.