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Sound Off! calls published April 6, 2011
• Grateful for peeps like Montalvo

Mr. Montalvo's efforts and actions on that February afternoon should be an example to all of us adults what it means to be a responsible person in the society we live in. We all have a responsibility to take action and not turn the other cheek. Some parents would think that so long as its not their child everyhing is okay. Wrong! Because somewhere down the line we are all going to suffer, at one point or another, the actions of someone who is lost, had a troubled youth and who was never reached out to.

I've never been to Victory Outreach Church. I have seen a few plays put on by the church years ago and commend them in what they do. They target major issues that our society seems to pass the buck on and for that I'm grateful.....grateful for those people who have lived the street/gang life, turned it around and now serve a greater good for the glory of God.

• Who will the parties be running in 2012?

A lot of people are wondering who the Republicans are going to run as president in 2012. I'm not worried at all about that. I'm wondering who the Democrats are going to run in 2012.

• Does CUSD care that Don Pedro is unsafe?

What is the value of a child? My two grandchildren attend Don Pedro Elementary School in Ceres. I have always thought that how they line up the children in the morning for breakfast is extremely dangerous. The children line up on the outside of the fence where parents and faculty park. The space between cars and children is around one to two feet.

While walking my granddaughter to preschool a large SUV backed into a parking stall, backing all th way over the sidewalk right into myself and grandchildren. I pushed my grandchildren to the fence to avoid her. I was mad and upset but okay. It made me realize even more how dangerous this situation is.

The principal informed me that he knows how dangerous the situation is and was going to have a safety person from the district take a look at this. I told him he might want him here in the morning when the students are lining up. He said I was right.

I am not sure what happened because the children are still lining up in the parking area in front of the school.

Then two weeks ago while picking up my grandson after school I witnessed an event that was just as disturbing. I was sitting in the parking lot waiting for him when two gentlemen so intoxicated or loaded walked onto the campus, looked into the bushes around the front classrooms and then started looking through classroom windows. I was amazed not one school official stopped them. I went to the principal and told him how unsafe this campus was and he replied, "I know."

I tried to get my grandchildren into another school in the district but there are waiting lists. So my grandchildren are at a school so unsafe that my stomach hurts when I think about it. There are three different ways to get on campus and only one takes you by the office that has windows so small they cannot really tell if anyone is walking by. The other two are quite away from the office and open at all times.

How does one wake up and fix the situation? Does Superintendent Siegel know or care that this campus is dangerous?

• Thief on Rose Avenue is being watched

To the person who's stealing gas, breaking into people's cars, etc., on Rose Avenue, I am watching you!

• Scared for mothers like her

This is in response to the woman who instigated the fight with the teens. That is outrageous. I hope she has to go to jail for a long time. I think there is not much hope for a person with that mentality to change. Our society is in real trouble having so called mothers like her raising our kids. It's scary leaving people like her out on the streets. I'll be watching and hoping she learns a lesson.

• Bring back childhood memories please

This is to the low-life thieves who took things from the black box on our trailer at the corner of Caswell and Fifth streets. I hope you're happy with the photos and memorabilia from my childhood. The only value they have is to me. If you have a conscience at all, then return the boxes to my back door in the dead of night the same way you took them.

• Return the stolen gnomes please

Whoever took my gnomes out of my yard would you please be nice enough to bring them back? I know you probably think you can sell them for a fortune and all that but the two that you took were made by my friends who are both deceased and they were made on a ceramic mold so you're not going to get much for them. So I would appreciate them back.