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Sound Off! calls published Dec. 16, 2009
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• Lane resident makes a request

The residents of Christmas Tree Lane spend a lot of time, energy, and money to put on a very nice display of Christmas lights and decorations for all people to see and enjoy. Myself and the other residents and the people that are driving through Christmas Tree Lane looking at the decorations would be very thankful if people would not park and leave their vehicles in front of the houses that are decorated. Especially the ones that park their very large suburbans and SUVs. These vehicles block the view of all other viewers. It is also a traffic hazard, because there is a continuous line of cars going in both directions and there is not enough room for these cars to move around the parked cars in a safe manner.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.

• El Camino eyesore needs to be cleaned up

I'm a longtime resident of Ceres and I'm usually proud of my city. But today I had the occasion to drive south on El Camino, or what's commonly referred to as Frontage Road. I was appalled at the eyesore on the east side of El Camino between the areas of south of the Pine Street overpass and just north of Don Pedro Road. There's what appears to be dilapidated buildings, old wrecked cars and recreational vehicles and other unsightly junk. I asked around and was informed that this junk yard is another Wyatt enterprise. Instead of going after him for some of his highway signs, go after for this eyesore. It wouldn't hurt him to shell out a little money to improve the city and the highway corridor to look at.

If I'm not mistaken the city has a law that something so unsightly as this has to be enclosed by a fence. Maybe the city should become involved. I'm looking forward to the Courier taking on the Wyatt empire again.

• It's Christmas Tree Lane

I don't appreciate buying a Ceres Courier and the front page says "Yuletide lane to open." Excuse me but it's Christmas Tree Lane. It's always been Christmas Tree Lane. Let's put Christ back into Christmas. After all, it is Jesus' birthday.

(Editor's note: You'll be happy to know that the one who wrote the headline is a Christian and only used a shorter word that fit. The definition of yuletide is "the Christmas season." The subsequent headlines on the story of the event published Dec. 9 used the term Christmas.)

• Saddened that Santa stolen from yard

I'm calling to let everybody know there's people out there stealing Christmas yard decoration. To the people who stole my Christmas yard ornaments - my Santa and snowman - I had them for 20 years and no one ever took them. They were for everyone to enjoy. You must be very mean people.

Watch your yard.

I'd like to have my snowman and Santa Claus back but I know I'll never see them again because people who steal in the middle of the night are cruel mean people who have no heart and no Christmas spirit themselves.

• Congress is only hurting us Americans

Our Congress voted to permanently extend a 45 percent tax on estates larger than $3.5 million, canceling the one-year repeal that was to begin next month. This will only hurt farmers, among the many other categories of Amercians.

Family farms and small businesses are the backbone of job creation in the Central Valley. We need to be providing incentives to grow their businesses and hire their neighbors, not taking them away. Bills like this in the long run do irreparable harm to our country and will cost us the economic growth and jobs we need in the private sector to balance the budget and pay for the Pelosi/ Cardoza spending spree.

We need to be lowering taxes to stimulate investment instead of continually finding new ways to soak the hard-working people of this country.