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Sound Off! calls published Sept. 14, 2011
• Candidates violating sign law

I'm calling about all the campaign signs for City Council. Before I made the decision to call, I looked at the city's website to find information. It's Municipal Code Section 18.42.12E (Political Signs). I find it hard to believe that no city employees have driven by and seen them. Come on! A very large sign on the house's side yard on Moffet just north of Hatch Road. Another very large sign on a side yard on Mauna Lua and Central. Two signs on what appears to be state or city property to the west of KFC on Whitmore. Another sign on the right of way near River Oaks Golf Course. There are specific restrictions according to section 18.42.12E that prohibit signs larger than six square feet in residential zones. Political signs are not permitted in the public right of way and only non-illuminated signs are permitted.

Don't these candidates get information when they sign on to become a candidate on where, what and how their signs can be erected? Seems to me they'd be mighty embarrassed to be running for office and not following the rules of the city.

• Walmart employees are suffering

Honestly, when I first heard about the new Supercenter, I was all for it. Then after giving it more thought I realized that the area is not ideal as there is enough traffic going through that area with the freeway being right there and the high school. But since then I have become a Wal-Mart employee. After hearing of great promises and the benefits being greater if the Supercenter was approved I jumped back on the bandwagon. However, what the public does not know- this is coming from an insider - is that Wal-Mart cannot even afford to pay their employees that they currently have! Everyone in the stores hours has been cut down by almost half. And quite frankly I do not see room for improvement if they are struggling to pay the employees they currently have the hours and pay they were hired to perform.

• We all need to stay on top of thugs

I have a comment on police chief's article, ("Criminal flash mobs a growing concern") a well written article. I like what he's said about the young people today. In particular the reasons why many of the young people act as thugs - "resentment for the "establishment," disrespect for law and order and their fellow man, and a willingness to commit crimes with the belief that their perceived "victim" status justifies their unlawful and anti-social actions." And (he wrote) "The people who behave in this fashion are a product of an unraveling society where they have been told for decades that they are victims of circumstances beyond their control, that the government is evil and authority is to be disrespected and disobeyed."

I really like that part but I have a problem in the sense that our judicial system has released how many thousands of prisoners since the last couple of months. I've noticed in and around town these so-called punks racing around town. They get behind me, they cut me, get onto the rear end of my car, honk their horns and give me the gestures and I'm thinking to myself it's got to do with this prison release.

Police need to pay more attention to these types (tattoos, shaved heads, hats on backwards types). They don't seem to be in my neighborhood and I live close to downtown. They're running the stop sign on my corner all the time. If they want to give tickets they can come over and take it off my camera system.

I think police are doing a relatively good job but I see a lot of petty crimes at night. I see all these cockroaches running around on bikes and carrying things. I know police can't be everywhere at all times but these people need to be stopped somehow. Citizens need to get more involved. I'm not afraid to call police when a crime's being committed.

• Work dangerous for pedestrians

This morning I felt compelled to call about the construction on Moffet and Whitmore. All four corners of the sidewalks are closed, prohibiting anyone from crossing the street. There are least 100 students I see crossing that street for school twice a day, some of them very small. I find this unacceptable and the contractor should have provided some sort of walk around while this construction was going on.

While I'm on the subject, I also have concerns about the pre-school that is being run by Ceres Unified Schools on Evans Avenue. There's a CUP for the Almond Terrace Apartments and there are little kids being walked across the street every day. There's no sign, there's no 25 MPH speed limit, which is required during school hours for all other schools.

I think these items should be fixed.

• Proud of son who effected rescue

In regard to the recent Ceres canal rescue by the police officer, it brought back a memory of the canal near Whitmore and Moore Road. One morning as a man was driving to work he saw a woman waving for him to stop and help a person in trouble in the canal. He had seconds to assess the situation and realized the man needed immediate help. The rescuer saved the dog and man. I am proud of my son.