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Craigslist sale ends in robbery
Ceres Cop Car

A man was robbed of a PlayStation IV video gaming system on Sunday evening by men posing as interested buyers during an encounter in the Central Valley High School parking lot.

Police were called at 9:20 p.m. after the robbery occurred.

Ceres Police Department spokesman Lt. Chris Perry said the victim posted an ad on the free internet site Craigslist offering his Paystation for $300. Someone contacted him about the game and the two set up the high school as the location to view the item and possibly make a transaction. The seller showed up and saw the dark green Chevy Blazer, which the posing buyer said he would be in, parked in the lot. The victim drove up to the Blazer and two black males approached him and asked to see the item. He showed it to the men and one of them produced a black revolver and said "It's ours now." They fled in the Blazer which was driven by an unknown third male.

Lt. Perry advises people to use extreme caution to avoid being victimized. He said a seller should not show up alone and meetings should only take place in more populated area during day time hours.