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DUI suspect assault Ceres Police officer
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A Modesto teenager who was stopped for speeding and appeared to be intoxicated or high on marijuana had to be restrained after he attacked the arresting officer on Feb. 29.

Officer Kao Saechao was on patrol at 9:17 p.m. when he saw a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu speeding eastbound on Whitmore Avenue with its headlights off. Officer Saechao followed the vehicle and saw the driver swerving in lanes. After the vehicle nearly collided with another car as it made a southbound turn onto Ninth Street, Officer Saechao pulled over the driver.

While speaking with driver Javier Madacontreras, 19, Officer Saechao observed slurred speech and other symptoms of impairment. Officer Saechao had Madacontreras conduct a series of field sobriety tests which he failed.

Madacontreras was non-cooperative and would not follow instructions and appeared poised to flee. He also challenged Officer Saechao to a fight. Officer Saechao eventually arrested Madacontreras before the situation escalated.

During a search of Madacontreras’ vehicle Officer Saechao located a glass smoking pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana.

Officer Christian Izquierdo assisted and opened the door to check on Madacontreras because of his complaints about the handcuffs and because he was banging his head in the back of the patrol vehicle. As Officer Izquierdo tried to address his concerns, Madacontreras tried to place his legs out of the vehicle and attempted to reach and grab Officer Izquierdo’s groin area.

Madacontreras was pulled out of the patrol vehicle and restrained. He also spit on Officer Kevin Sakasegawa’s boot so a spit mask was placed over his head and mouth. 

The suspect was transported to the Doctors Medical Center where his blood sample was drawn for evidence before he was booked at the Stanislaus Public Safety Center for DUI, obstruct/resist an executive officer, and battery on a peace officer.