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Sound Off! calls published July 16, 2008
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• Assimilate or leave

I just want to sound off about a certain car dealer on Mitchell Road who is flying the Mexican flag along with the American flag. I know you guys don't print business names but I am really offended by this business doing this. I would never buy a car from him because he's doing that.

This is American soil. Mexico is like 400 miles away. My roots go back to Switzerland, but I don't expect nor want the Swiss flag flying here. It's irrelevant. This is the United States, the best country in the world!

These immigrants who come in legally or illegally need to realize their country is not worth holding up. After all, you left it, didn't you?

Please don't make my country look like an extension of your old homeland. This is America, love her or leave her!

To any other businesses who have the Spanish language in their window or the Mexican colors or the gaudy colors used in Mexico, you won't get my business. Assimilate or leave, please.

• Give truckers place to park

I'm calling into the regards of truck drivers. My husband is a truck driver and that would be a great thing for the truck drivers to have a place to park so they can visit their families during the week. I think that's a lot of problem.

• Elderly and reckless need to get off

I am calling about all of these drivers out on the road. This is for the elderly who don't know how to drive and for the illegal aliens who don't know how to drive. I believe that if they can't follow the rules of the road they need to get off because they're making it dangerous for other people out there. I almost got hit twice in one day by elderly drivers. People getting on the freeway going 35 miles an hour, then stopping. You look and it's an illegal alien!

Half of them probably don't have a license so they just need to get off the road and our roads would be safer.

• Welfare for truck drivers?

I want to comment on all these people who are crying about truck drivers not having a place to park. Did they not know this going into trucking? Why should taxpayers subsidize their business by giving them a free place to park? Sounds like trucker welfare to me.

These truckers' wives need to realize that trucks parked on our roads are not something we want. They are dangerous. Taggers hide behind them and tag walls and buildings. The engines disrupt our sleep when they're fired up and sit idling. Little kids can be hit when darting around them. And they're ugly to look at.

Yeah, truckers provide a great service. So do plumbers. But I would not want a plumber storing his pipes and stock in the road either. Pay for a place to park your big-rig, after all, it is a cost of doing business. If you can't make a living at trucking, find something else to do.

• Give truckers a break

I agree 100 percent with the lady who wrote in about truck drivers. Our men and women are out there bringing food, gasoline - everything that we need to us. We should give them a little break and try to work with them so they can be with their families, too.

At least make an area for the truck drivers to park so they can go see their families in the evenings or at least twice a week - and that they don't have to pay for.

• Aliens taking away "white" jobs

I'm responding to "Illegals are not needed in USA." This is about the thousandth time you print this same message. You guys need to find something else to say. Yeah, maybe they're not needed 'cause the Mexicans aren't doing the work that the Americans don't want to do. Mexicans are doing the work that you do want to do. We're taking all your jobs. We're doing all the work that you lazy white folks don't want to do. So you are wrong.

• Wrong to require bilingual workers

I am black. I'm calling regarding Stanislaus County, their job opportunities for employment. I want to know why if you have to speak bilingual to get a medical assistant job, a supervisor job or any kind of nursing job these days. If we were in their country, we would have to speak their language. I have an A.A. degree in human services and I still can't find a job because everything is a "bilingual a plus." It's not right. I love them but I must tell you why not speak the language of the country you live in?

• Thanks to all involved in CYB

I want to thank all the people involved in the Ceres Youth Baseball program. Thank you to the board members who volunteered hours of their time to keep the program running smoothly. Thank you to the sponsors who financially support the teams. Thank you to the coaches who spend many hours on the field with the youth of our community. Thank you to the support staff, grounds keepers, concessions, umpires and everyone else involved. A special thanks to the Goblirsch family. They have been involved with every part of the program for many, many years.

• Example of good sportsmanship

Did you know that during the closing ceremony for CYB the Pony League who took second place lined up and booed the first place team? That is a perfect example of poor sportsmanship. Shame on you, Coach Amarfir.